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What You Say About Reiki Healing
The Essex Spiritual Centre.

Sharon and Janice are Reiki Master Teachers in Essex.  Both have been on a journey to share the power of Reiki with the world. They are passionate about helping people to connect to their higher self and inner power, and to use Reiki as a tool for greater wellbeing and healing. Along this journey, Sharon and Janice have been teaching Reiki to students all around the world, and have developed a unique approach to teaching that combines their years of experience with the Reiki precepts and principles. Through their teachings, they focus on the powerful yet gentle energy of Reiki, and help students to connect to their higher self and the healing potential within. Sharon and Janice’s Reiki journey is one of empowerment, connection and healing. They offer Reiki Courses in Essex and Essex Reiki workshops that focus on the power of self-care and self-love, and they share their knowledge and experience of Reiki in a way that is both supportive and inspiring. They also provide one-on-one Reiki sessions that allow students to explore their own healing journey, and to discover how Reiki can help to bring a sense of peace and balance into their lives. Sharon and Janice are all about making you on your Reiki Healing journey feel empowered and connected to their inner power. They are dedicated to helping students to discover the healing potential within, and to use Reiki as a tool for greater wellbeing and healing. Through their teachings, they help students to become more mindful and to open up to the transformative power of Reiki. With Sharon and Janice, you can trust that you are in safe and knowledgeable hands, and that you will be taken on a Reiki journey that will help you to find balance and peace in your life.

Paul Stimpson, Romford, Essex.

In Person Reiki In Essex

“You saved my life.  My transformation from what I was to what I am is unbelievable.  You are the reason I am here today.  You changed my life for the better."

Olivia Fredricks, Washington.

Online Reiki Healing

"My daughter would not be alive if I had not found you to deliver distance Reiki healing.  I have a family because of your healing you sent to her.  How can I repay such a gift "

Lisa Driver, Colchester, Essex.

Essex Reiki 

“I have never had Reiki.  Wow!  A Reiki session with Sharon not only gave me a flying experience but also a coping mechanism for my busy life”
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