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Spiritual Groups And Centres In Essex.

Common Misconceptions Tarot and psychic sittings are not a predictive tools. Although we do look at likely outcomes, this is based on unfolding events and choices available to you. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, intuitive readings cannot undermine your free-will. Therefore, it will not tell you what you should do. Instead, it will offer suggestions that empower you to make positive changes in your life. Furthermore, because a Tarot, psychic and mediumship reading is used to empower the client, you will not be told ‘bad things will happen’ but rather ways to effectively navigate challenging circumstances. Remote Sessions Tarot & psychic readings are offered by telephone & Zoom (other video call options available). As I am working with your energy and the guidance of spirit, it is not confined by being in proximity to the sitter. Consequently, we retrieve the same amount of information remotely as we do when sitting with someone face-to-face.

Group Readings It is possible to book in a Tarot card reader for events and private gatherings. As readings work best on a 1:1 basis, it is important that there is a separate space from which to see sitters. Translators are welcome to be present. For more information about bespoke packages, click here. FAQs: How often should I have a reading? The short answer is, it depends. Some clients book in a week after their first reading as they have a lot going on in their lives. But usually, two or three times a year is about average. You’ll usually know when you need another reading because you’ll naturally have questions you want to ask. “I don’t want to know that bad things are going to happen.” This is a very common misconception of psychic work. A reading should inspire and reassure, not worry. Although a reader might sense that there might be difficulties ahead, they will work with you to know how best to tackle these in an empowered and self-assured way. Do Tarot readings really work over Video Call? Yes. 70% of our readings are done over video call. As we are working with energy, not the physical body, we can retrieve just as much information remotely as we can sitting face-to-face. Furthermore, we often find people are more relaxed in their own homes as it is a familiar environment to them, which gives for a better reading. What happens if I don’t feel as though the reader has ‘got me’ at all and the messages are really general? As with all intuitive practices there are never any guarantees, and it’s important that there is an energetic match between the reader and sitter. However, our team have done many hundred of readings, as we are trained to work with any energies and situations that might present themselves. We also pride ourselves on giving tangible and accurate information that allows you to know that we are connected with your circumstances. In addition, if you feel as though the reading is not working for you in the first 15minutes, we will happily issue you a refund. There are free Tarot readings online, why shouldn’t I just use one of those? A free Tarot reading will not be nearly as in-depth or related to you as a reading with us. All of our readers have trained for many years and are expertly equipped to look at every aspect of your life and bring through personal and enlightening guidance and advice. As with everything in life – you get what you pay for. What if I don’t believe in the Tarot? It is not our job to convince anyone about Spirit or the Tarot. However, remember that this is an energetic exchange, so, much like a conversation, if you are closed off to the possibility of a reading, it is not going to be as effective and enjoyable. After all, there is nothing to lose, and treated correctly, a reading can inspire, clarify and reassure you. This is not about predicting the future, but helping you connect with yourself on a deeper level. How should I prepare for the reading? Make sure you arrive in a calm and collected manner; take 10-15 minutes before the reading to settle. If you’re rushing about, then the reader is likely to pick up on that. Be sure to set an intention of what your want to get out of the reading also. Doing so makes it even more powerful. Also, you might to write down some questions you’d like to ask the reader, as you may forget in the midst of all the guidance you receive. Is Tarot just a lesser version of psychic work? Not at all. Although it is true that not all Tarot readers work psychically, they are simply different paths to the same information. All the readers of The Wellness Foundry can work with the cards, psychically and mediumistically to bring you a 360º reading. Got any questions? Need some advice? Email Sharon.

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