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Beginners Tarot Card.

Tarot Reading Class Braintree, Essex.

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Learning Tarot.


Choose a tarot deck or contact us to guide you on decks.  This is a great place to start for the Tarot Beginner.


Kick start your Tarot education with either our online or in-person tarot classes.   Designed for Tarot beginners, we will teach you how to quickly and intuitively read the Tarot cards.  Remember this is a beginner's way of learning.



Dive deeper into the tarot.  Discover the traditional meanings, symbolism, and the numerological, colours, and elemental associations of the cards. Learn how journaling can help you.



Draw a Tarot card a day. Ask yourself “What do I need to know for today?” As you go through your day, reflect on what the card means to you and create a personal and intuitive connection with the cards.

Beginners Tarot Class Online.  Are You Stuck With Reading Tarot Cards?

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How Can I Learn To Read Tarot |  I Am Struggling With Tarot Card Meanings | I Am Looking To Start Reading Tarot | Tarot Near Me | Online | Essex | Sudbury | Suffolk.

 Frequently Asked Tarot Questions That Sharon And Her Administration Team Answer.  

What Tarot Classes Can I Join With The Essex Spiritual Centre?

Beginners Tarot | Intermediate Tarot | Advanced Tarot | Tea N Tarot.

Do I Need A Tarot Deck?

Not necessarily, if you are joining the beginners, not for the first lesson.  If you are in doubt message Sharon.

Are Tarot Groups And Tarot Classes Only In Essex?

No not at all!  All classes with The Essex Spiritual Centre are embedded online and in-person and have been since 2018.  All courses and workshops are delivered Internationally and within the UK, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

I Already Read Tarot But I Get Blocks With Certain Cards?

Book a 121 with the team, have a personal development class or message through and let The Essex Spiritual Centre help you get the best help you can.   


Beginners Psychic Development Class Online.  Intermediates and Advanced Spiritual Circles.

10% Discount on joining 2 Spiritual Classes a Month.

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Beginners Tarot Class | Advanced Tarot Readers | Online Psychic Class | Spiritual Development in Braintree, Great Dunmow, Essex.

All Spiritual Development groups and Tarot groups meet twice a month. These Psychic Circles are held either online or in-person and every student is enrolled in a group depending on learning history, experience, requests, and needs.  Each enrollment is dealt with on an individual 121 basis and everyone is treated individually. 

What You Will Get When You Join The Essex Spiritual Centre.

Practise Circles give you exercises and time to develop your mediumship and psychic gifts.  You also get to learn about self-belief, self-confidence, intuition, and more.  Each session is an hour online and an hour and a half in person.

What You Will Get For Free When You Join The Essex Spiritual Centre.

As a member of The Essex Spiritual Centre Training, you are enrolled in a VIP Facebook page for FREE.   You are given a Whatsapp group for your fellow students and a direct link for Mentorship advice.  You have access to join for FREE other mediumship and tarot groups either in person or online to receive free readings as practice and extra FREE learning.

Do You Offer Private 121 Lessons?

Individual mentorship sessions are available by appointment.  Development needs are discussed or learning blocks can be worked through.  Individual feedback and exercises can be given to help you to continue to deepen your spiritual working in between sessions.