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Witches Book | The history of a persecution | Pagan Books

Witches Book | The history of a persecution | Pagan Books

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Witchcraft was viewed as devil-worship. Between 1450 and 1750, one hundred thousand people were accused, subject to the most bestial tortures, and usually executed. Witches examine the wildfire spread of witch-hunting across Europe and America, revealing the disturbing and brutal realities of these witch hunts and their roots in misogyny and religious persecution.


It includes:
- Letters and trial testimonies from those charged with witchcraft, as well as some from self-proclaimed witches
- Biographic detail of key witch hunters, such as Matthew Hopkins (the so-called Witchfinder General) who was responsible for hundreds of executions
- Accounts of famous witch trials, from Chelmsford to Salam

Nigel Cawthorne doesn't shy away from the violent details of this persecution, exploring the events as they transpired, the contexts that triggered them, and tracing it back to their source.



237 Pages.

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