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White Howlite Crystal Bracelet | Crystal Bracelet Set | Reiki Infused

White Howlite Crystal Bracelet | Crystal Bracelet Set | Reiki Infused

Some of Howlite’s energy benefits.

Howlite is a calming gemstone, aiding sleeping, calming the mind, and bringing stress relief. 
It helps to bring peace, balance and dispel anger and resentfulness while opening clearer emotional expression. 

It calms anxiety and worries, and an overactive mind that may cause pressure and imbalance within the body. 

Howlite is used in crystal therapy to bring calm to the whole body and release tension and stress, encouraging pain and stress-related symptoms to calm down.
It is particularly beneficial for injuries, heart issues, and rashes. 
Howlite can assist in gaining insight from past lives and taking journeys outside of the body; it helps to open memories of previous lifetimes; it supports intuitive dreams.


Gemstone therapy does not provide a cure and I cannot guarantee that you will experience any of the benefits highlighted above, however many people claim to find relief from ailments as a result of gemstone therapy practiced for centuries as an alternative and complementary support.

Handmade and is a natural gemstone, minor variations and imperfections are to be expected and makes each bracelet unique to you.


I am a Reiki Master Teacher and all bracelets have had Reiki Energy added, with extensive knowledge of Energy Healing.

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