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Tarot Deck / The Sharman - Caselli / Tarot Online / Tarot Cards

Tarot Deck / The Sharman - Caselli / Tarot Online / Tarot Cards

This is a tarot deck based on Rider Waite.


I use this deck in training and for beginners it is a simple follow.   Its not a deck I would use as my number 1 deck as I am very visual and like colours however if you like a simple design to allow you to learn the intricate detail then this is a good foundation.


Sharon Psychic Medium rates this deck 4/5


Juliet Sharman-Burke was born in Nairobi, Kenya and has spent over 20 years practising astrology and tarot and has written a number of books on these topics, both for beginners and the more advanced. Her fascination with the tarot began in the early 1970s, but it wasn’t until 1976, when she did a course at the Franklin School in London, that she decided to focus more intently on her passion for the tarot, as well as her interest in psychology and astrology. She has successfully combined all these interests into her life and work, through teaching, working and writing books.

Juliet qualified as an analytic psychotherapist and runs a private practice in the city of London. Alongside this, she’s taught and supervised at the Centre for Psychological Astrology since it began in June 1983. She currently runs the administration and organisation sides of the Centre.

Juliet has gone on to write a number of highly acclaimed books on astrology and tarot subjects, plus a book of stories for children. She’s co-authored a couple of titles with Liz Greene, including The Mythic Tarot and The Mythic Journey, the former of which included a tarot deck and was based on Greek myths.

She’s also co-created the Sharman-Caselli Tarot Deck, along with Italian illustrator Giovanni Caselli. Originally produced as part of The Beginner’s Guide to Tarot, the deck has since been released on its own and uses more traditional symbolism on the cards, which is drawn from a mixture of influences, including the Waite, Visconti and Marseilles decks.

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