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Picasso Jasper Egg | 48mm Crystal Egg | Crystals

Picasso Jasper Egg | 48mm Crystal Egg | Crystals

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As all Jaspers are known for their bolstering ability. It buttresses and provides you with inner support during stressful times. It escorts your mind and body with serenity and tranquillity.


These are highly defensive stones. It imparts you with the ability to reminiscence your dream which will guard you against forth-coming dangers. Moreover, it will make you realize the preponderance of this small life. You will have the feel like life is like an ice- cream, eat it before it melts. So jubilate your life.


It succors and brings out the hidden creativity in you. It huddles all your strength and makes you a self-disciplined person. It pastorals you in difficult times and helps to make your decisions with patience.



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