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Handmade Tarot Bag | Bespoke Tarot Bags | Protect Your Tarot Cards

Handmade Tarot Bag | Bespoke Tarot Bags | Protect Your Tarot Cards

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The Essex Spiritual Centre Being A Working Environment As Well As A Spiritual Training Centre Believes In Making Our Own Products For You!


Time is spent behind the scenes researching purchased items and knowing from day-to-day experience that many products are cheap, unfit in size, not suitable, and not the best products for our tools.


This is an important part of our protection and our daily business. Do you leave your cooking pots on the stove waiting for use? Do you leave your tea cups on the side waiting to be filled? Do you leave your petrol cap on your car open? No, so let's start looking at those just as important things.

Sharon has made and handpicked the size, colours, style and quality of the material just for you.


These 4 colours represent your elements.

If you want to heal through your cards and grounding go for the green tarot bag.

If you want protection go with the fawn gold colour tarot bag.

If you want spiritual guidance then purple is for you.

If you want passion and love go with the red tarot bag.


Each bag is thick velvet with a pull top chord. Not only are these bags great quality they are big not small tight-fit ones you can buy from outside the EU. These bags are 5" by 7".

Sharon has worked for 6 months getting these bags right for you. Selling on Etsy, Not On The High Street and Wix.


Grab these bags ready for you, as gifts or presents.

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