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Crystal Ball | Varied Sizes | Pure Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball | Varied Sizes | Pure Crystal Ball

  • STYLISH CRYSTAL BALL: As well as offering the ability to take stunning photographs, this lensball also has the added use of improving the feng shui in any room. It can also be used for meditation as it has the added benefit to purify your mind as well as provide you with light and harmony in your private space. When not in use this ball looks great perched on its stand on a shelf in your home or office to deliver you calmness.
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR GLASS: This ball has been polished and hardened for a perfect smooth and scratch free surface. The ball works well on any professional camera as well as the camera on your phone, or even with a video camera. With no blemishes on this ball it will become your must need prop to turn any plain landscape into an aesthetically pleasing and well composed image. Works well for street and portrait photography also. Take care when using in the sun as being crystal glass it does get hot.
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