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Skin Rejuvenation In Essex.

Trial price through August 2022. Delivered at The Essex Spiritual Centre, Braintree.

Recently have learned about Natural Face Lift Massage, also known as Facial Rejuvenation. This type of facial massage incorporates both traditional Japanese and Indian massage techniques, as well as some Acupressure and Facial Reflexology. ⁠

This facial treatment can help to improve the complexion by stimulating the lymphatic flow to remove the accumulation of toxins, prevent and reduce puffiness, and premature skin ageing, and on a deeper level bring relaxation and calm to the nervous system.⁠ Facial tension can build up in the muscles and can cause puffiness, lymphatic stagnation, and excessive wrinkling, just to name a few. We tend to hold a lot in our faces. Whether it is an occasional fake smile or another unwanted facial expression, it can become our daily mask and hide our true personalities and feelings. Getting rid of this mask can lead to profound relaxation and inner peace.⁠

Minimise Wrinkles without botox
Skin Rejuvenation in Essex

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