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Astral Travel

About this event

This is an amazing 3 hour over 3 weeks, an hour a week course. You will be under the mentorship of my Angel Teacher Maxine. Maxine has been astral travelling with her angel guide for more than 10 years. What is astral projection? It's an intentional out-of-body experience that involves going into a dreamlike but still-conscious state and "traveling" to other places and times using the power of your mind. This concept is based on the notion that humans have "astral bodies" in addition to our physical bodies and that there is also an "astral realm" that spans far beyond the physical confines of the material realm that we live in. You may already be familiar with your energetic astral body or the astral plane if you practice crystal healing, reiki, or certain types of meditation. When someone astral projects, they connect with their astral body in order to transcend their physical body, and are able to mentally explore space, time, and dimension. This is 3 hours - 3 weeks - online - £30.00.

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