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Partnerships In Essex

Photo Shoot With H N Photography

Helen and Noel are an amazing couple.  They completed a Photo Shoot @ The Essex Spiritual Centre.   The whole day was focused, funny and relaxed.

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Chakra Balancing

Beautiful shots of Chakra Balancing and Pendulum Chakra Cleansing.   Noel and Helen captured the atmosphere required for this therapy.

balancing chakras.jpg

H N Photography Photographers In Essex

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Tarot Card Shots

Tarot Card shots were taken to add a catalogue for promotional shots for The Essex Spiritual Centre.

Tarot Readings In Essex

H N Photography Working With Children

Helen and Noel captured some wonderful pictures of our Essex-based Crystal Class for 8 - 16-year-olds.  Here is just one beautiful shot of a mesmerized crystal lover.

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The Essex Spiritual Centre Photo Shoot With H N Photographers Essex

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