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How did Psychic Sharon become a Public Medium?

Like most Psychic Mediums who are drawn to Spiritualism, Sharon has suffered grave losses. All Grandparents are past over and sadly the biggest shock was the loss of Mark, her brother to a brain tumor.  Mark was the only sibling that Sharon had.  

Since 2018, Essex born Psychic Sharon has been harnessing her Psychic Gifts and divine energy for her clients and students around the world. Delivering unparalleled Psychic Readings and Spiritual Teaching. 

Essex Psychic

Spiritual Coach / Psychic Teacher

A natural-born clairvoyant, Psychic Sharon shares her insights and gifts as a spiritual coach and tarot teacher online and in Essex, offering the opportunity to learn from an international medium who is dedicated to current trends within

Essex Psychic Reader

Psychic Reader

Essex-born psychic reader and natural-born clairvoyant. Psychic readings can be conducted online or in person inbook a one-on-one psychic reading or a group/party booking. Customize your event with Sharon via Essex. You can email.

Essex Reiki Therapist

Reiki Master Teacher

"As a Reiki Master Teacher, Sharon, a Reiki Healer in Essex, offers distance Reiki Healing online or in person. Spiritual Healing is also available online or in Essex. If you are interested in becoming Reiki trained in Essex or online, please contact Essex Reiki Master Sharon by email."

Psychic Medium Near Me

Looking To Join A Psychic Circle or A Tarot Class?

Psychic classes are a fascinating way to explore and develop one's intuitive abilities.


Are you interested in exploring your intuitive abilities? My Psychic and Tarot classes offer a fascinating and eye-opening journey of self-discovery. With my guidance, you’ll learn to tap into your intuition and develop the skills needed to undertake a Clairvoyant Reading or a reading with Tarot Cards. It's an exciting way to gain insight into yourself and others and to set powerful safe boundaries with your spirit guides and gifts.

These classes provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals who are curious about the world of Psychic phenomena.​ In these classes, participants often learn various techniques such as meditation, energy healing, divination tools (like pendulum readings, colour readings and crystal readings), as well as intuition exercises.


Sharon will guide students through the process of awakening their psychic senses and honing their skills. The casual atmosphere allows attendees to feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their own experiences. Psychic classes offer practical knowledge and foster personal growth by encouraging self-reflection and introspection.


Whether you are simply curious or wish to pursue a career in this domain, enrolling in Psychic class or Tarot courses with The Essex Spiritual Centre can be an exciting and eye-opening journey of self-discovery.


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